Kierk's Works of Love

I am reading a section of Kierkegaard's Works of Love for Dr. Verhey's class. Had to remember this quote:

"Think of the most cultured person, one of whom we all admiringly say, 'he is so cultured!' Then think of Christianity, which says to him, 'You shall love the neighbor!' Of course, a certain social courtesy, a politeness toward all people, a friendly condescension toward inferiors, a boldly confident attitude before the mighty, a beautifully controlled freedom of spirit, yes, this is culture -- do you believe that it is also loving the neighbor?"

What a great thought on the danger of the appeal of popularity, fame, and culture. Pride has no place in God's command to love the neighbor. I am still wrestling with Kierk's idea that preference doesn't either. In a sense I think he is correct, but its hard to want to say that loving a friend more than an enemy is not wrong.

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